IMG_0852Erik Valenčič 
is a longtime journalist with in-depth knowledge of the situation in the Middle East. He started his career in 2001 at Radio Student Ljubljana where he worked in the desk for topical political affairs, and took over as the editor of this desk in 2006 for a year and a half. He left Radio Student to write for the largest Slovenian weekly magazine Mladina, where he remained until 2012.  Many years he has been traveling around the Middle East and Africa, creating numerous written news coverages. Until recently he was working for the Slovene public television (RTV SLO), foreign news department, and has made two well recognised documentary films, The Coalition of Hatred (Koalicija sovraštva) and Frontlines of Kurdistan (Fronte Kurdistana). The Coalition of Hatred was commended by CIRCOM in the category ‘Investigative journalism’ at the ceremony CIRCOM Prix on May 22nd 2015 in Dundalk, Ireland. Frontlines of Kurdistan received an award for ‘outstanding accomplishment’ by Slovenian Association of Journalists on November 19th2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is the author of the book ‘Gaza Under Siege’ (Obleganje Gaze) and a novel ‘Shadows don’t burn’ (Sence ne gorijo), published in December 2015. Since summer 2015 he has been cooperating with Slovenian movie production company Staragara. Currently he is finishing a TV documentary movie for RTV SLO about three monasteries: Mor Augin in Turkey and Mar Mattai and Rabban Hormizd in Iraq.

13559198_10208005590990375_8277226211046277775_oMiha Mohorič is a passionate traveler and a filmmaker who is documenting people’s lifes and their culture. As a multimedia engineer he trained at the Institute and Academy of Multimedia, in Ljubljana and continued his studies at the Middlesex University, London, where he graduated in the Media Production Management. His interest in the dynamic procces of human lives and interactions, led him to the cultural diversity and transnational processes study at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona, where in 2014 he obtained a degree of the European Joint Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology. His main focus in the filmmaking are marginalised socio-cultural topics. Miha Mohorič is a founder of Kranjska Gora International Film Festival in Slovenia where his main goal is to present activist and human rights documentaries to wider public.


Kitchen Stories, feature documentary film, Russia, in postproduction
Dayrayto: Nun With A Gun, feature documentary film, Turkey, in development
Troje Svetih, TV documentary film, Iraq, Turkey, in postproduction
Razpeti na Križu, TV documentary film, Iraq, in production
Khatte: The choice of Freedom, documentary film, Nepal, 55 min, 2015
Genesis, short documentary film, Nepal, 5 min, 2012
What for?, short experimental film, Nepal, 10 min, 2014
3o1a, short experimental film, Barcelona, 7 min, 2014
Robots don’t cry, short documentary reportage, Athens, 6:40 min, 2013
Klik, short documentary film, Dublin, 9 min, 2013
Where are you?, short documentary film, Tirana, 4 min, 2011